2013 Tour Map, Coop Descriptions and Workshop Schedule

To see a map of the tour stops, click here.

Tour Workshops:
1:30 PM – Gardening with Chickens; Facilitators – John Walker, Daniel Oxnard; 154 Hamilton Park
2:15 PM – Caring for Chickens in All Four Seasons; Facilitator – Jeremy Porter; 1054 Duncan Avenue
3:00 PM – Incubating Eggs/Raising Young Chicks; Facilitator – Bill Holleran; 2907 Elam Village Dr.

Here is a description and address of each coop. Feel free to see any and all you like. Tour starts at 1pm. Coops close at 4pm to prepare for Tour After-Party with Discussion Forum and Silent Auction at Alfalfa’s Restaurant at 4:30pm. Dinner served at 5:30pm $10 adults, $5 kids

(A) Marion Laubis – 537 Culpepper Rd. – My coop is located in Shriner’s neighborhood between Chinoe Rd and Fontaine Rd.  It’s a 5x5x7.5  built with materials from Lowes and The Habitat Restore with a 4 x 25 foot run.  It currently houses  11 laying hens.  I also have a perennial and vegetable garden.

(B) Aaron Lambert – 563 West Short St. – We have a small yard, so we built a chicken coop and run with an 8 inch deep green roof to minimize the loss of garden space. The roof is planted with perennials and a few vegetables. We have three chickens that free-range in the backyard when we are home.

(C) Penny Whitman – 587 Rosemill Drive – What is probably most notable about my coop is its simplicity: made of wood
and nylon mesh with a corrugated polycarbonate roof, it has two nest boxes and a ramp up to a second-story roost on which all five hens perch at night. A shelf underneath the perch is easy to reach for cleaning. I remove a panel during the day, which allows the inside of the coop wide access to fresh air and sunlight, eliminating any odor issues. My hens do not spend any time in the coop, however, except for laying and sleeping since they have free access to the back yard.

(D) John Walker – 154 Hamilton Park – We have 8 hens over three generations. The coop is built from salvaged materials.
When the flock became larger we had to add an addition (a mass spectrophotometer packing crate!). Using salvaged materials is cheap, but requires creativity and compromise.  My wife is a great artist so she has made it look a lot prettier than bare wood and barn paint.

(E) Sarah Gardner – 265 Preston Ave. – Our coop has a very straightforward design as we are not experienced carpenters.  It has a 4×13 run with a 4×3 coop intended for three chickens — currently a Barred Rock, a Golden Comet and an Ameraucana.  We designed the coop to be easily accessible — the run is fully enclosed but tall enough to walk into and the coop and egg boxes are at waist height.

(F) Sarah Holleran – 2907 Elam Village Dr. – We have 3 coops and a little hatching operation! We have about 30 chickens including
Swedish Flower Hens and roosters, Marans, Barred Rocks, and Black sex-links. We are currently hatching blue and black Marans and golden comets. We also have some Marans chicks and Swedish Flower Hen pullets for sale for anyone interested in starting
their flock! Our large coop is a backyard shed that we converted to a coop and the other 2 are smaller homemade coops.

(G) Rod Lindauer – 327 Wilgus Ave. – Our coop is a shanty, just quickly built from 2×4, salvaged wire mesh fencing, and
old tin roofing. The whole thing cost about $50. We use grass clippings, leaves, and wood shavings from my woodworking as litter. Our chickens free range in a fenced yard during the day. With that and kitchen scraps, they eat very little store bought feed. Our coop is a good example of one done on a budget.

(H) Chris and Sandy Canon – 1054 Duncan Avenue – The Canon Coop is a small coop made out of a cattle panel, some 2x4s, and an old
vinyl billboard.  We move the coop every day during the growing season and let our nine girls (Ameraucana Cross, Golden Laced Wyandottes, and Barred Plymouth Rocks) out to forage in our 1/2 acre yard about once a week. During the winter, the coop becomes
stationary with a hen yard to run around in during the day. Come see our girls! They’ll be delighted to see you!


  1. What is the date of the workshops?

    • The workshops are part of the tour on Sunday May 26th. Click on 2013 Tour at the top of this site for more info on tickets and coop locations.

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