About Cluck! Lex

CLUCK promotes responsible urban chicken keeping in Lexington by:

  • Connecting chicken keepers to the pleasure of keeping their own flocks
  • Educating chicken keepers to maintain healthy flocks
  • Promoting good relationships with neighbors without flocks

We do this so that chicken-keeping can be a healthy and neighborly part of Lexington’s food system.

These are accomplished through 4 different efforts:
CLUCK – Feed – Potluck where chicken-keepers can gather to share the knowledge and pleasure of raising small flocks.

CLUCK-Ed – Educational classes and workshops about how to establish and maintain a healthy flock.

Annual Tour de Coops – A self guided tour to show examples of responsible and neighborly chicken-keeping in Lexington.

Initial Consults – A half-hour consult offered to folks looking to get started with backyard chickens. Donations accepted.


A video from a few years ago…. 2013 Video