Our Story

Our group of urban chicken keepers was originally formulated as a loose collection friends meeting for pot-lucks and discussing the ins-and-outs of caring for our flocks.  Great food and conversation about urban agriculture, cooking and the local foods movement made for fun monthly gatherings.

And then someone said, ” How about a coop tour?”.  From there Anita and Miki herded us into planning and executing our first tour in May 2011.  Paige, Tom, John, Roberta, Gareth, Shawn and Trish spread the word.  Cricket Press Posters, newspaper coverage, tables at the Lexington Farmers Market with exhibition chickens worked to create a successful event.

As a part of Seedleaf we generated revenue to support consultation visits by Jeremy Porter, our Seedleaf chicken expert.  Tommy Collins and Anita have hosted numerous CluckEd! events around town to teach more basics of proper care.

So, we have a structure, a purpose and we all love to meet and have fun together.  The group continues to grow in true democratic spirit as we all try to nominate each other to be president.  It’s FUN and FREE to be a part of CLUCK!