CLUCK Ed: Learn to Process a Chicken

Want to hone your homesteading skills? Or learn about chicken anatomy? Or care well for your birds in their end of life?

We will be offering a training on chicken harvest and processing for the small flock. You can learn how to process your own chickens from live bird to bagged for the fridge/freezer, we will walk you through the entire process.

You need not bring your own bird as we will have a few extra to learn with.

Cost $5/person.

If you are interested or if you have further questions, please RSVP to for more information on details and location

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  1. Hello Jeremy,
    A year-old newbie and would like to know more about laying hens and care. Do you offer a class? Are there members who wouldn’t mind some one-on one, etc? I have questions about illnesses, proper health care, predators, issues with laying, etc.
    Thank you,
    Terry Paulus


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