The Peeps!

Anita Courtney 

I live in Bell Court and have 4 birds—2 Plymouth Barred Rocks, 1 Wyandotte and 1 New Hampshire Red.  They roam freely in a fenced back yard with fishing wire strung like a web to deter hawks.  They share the yard with two cats and several squirrels.  I feed the chickens organic feed and kitchen scraps. In the photo below  Josephine is wearing an apron to keep the other birds from pecking her.  (She knows she looks good.)


Shawn Burns and Trish Estes

We are in the Southland area and have had our   flock for 3 years now.  The coop is very low maintenanceand just the right size to keep area clean and chicken friendly.  Especially since the chicken run is puppy proof.  The rough sawn oak construction has been affordable and durable.  Many thanks to craftsman Chis Newman for building.  We have an Americauna, 2 Dominics and a Golden Comet.  The Americauna lays beautiful blue eggs, but is a bit of a bully. As long as I check on them every day or two for 2 minutes and play them a little guitar ( c key ) life is good.  The neighbors have been very supportive and receive the excess eggs.